Music to your ears  -  Power to your life!

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Carla's presentations are a series of revelations about how we think and act as humans and are so Foundational that they can be applied equally to any situation, and can endlessly encompass one's life as a whole.  When people get a Revelation it stays with them -- without effort!






The conference board of Canada as well as any speakers association will attest to the fact of engagement being an emotional experience.  The moment music starts to play, emotion is evoked.  Thus, Carla's listeners are immediately engaged -- able to grasp, internalize, and retain the message she is bringing.  With the power of music framing her spoken words and captivating her audience, Carla's presentation is the panacea to conference 'ho-hum'.  As music has its way of getting 'stuck in the head' much more than just words, so the principles of her message stick with her audience over and over again not only magnifying the results you want to get out of your meeting or conference (no matter how technical or tedious the subject matter is), but will cause effect on a daily basis, long after the event is over when they are back at work with your company. 

It is best summed up in Carla's own words, "I'm a Keynote Speaker who sings.  People love music so when you put powerful words with powerful music, they really get the message.  People  sit in a meeting for 1 or 2 days, or even 5 or 6 hours, listening to speaker after speaker, and there's only so much of that kind of thing that people can take in, and then they get tired of being 'talked at',  -- and then I come along and wake them up!"

Attaining and maintaining astounding success for the past 20 years in several Senior/Vice President positions, Carla opened up new markets creating multi-million dollar businesses from zero by using her amazing ability in Sales, Marketing, Training and Coaching. Known for her profound speaking ability within these corporations, and her gift of writing and performing as an artist, it is just natural that Carla's two strongest talents (and passions) should go hand in hand, and uniquely create the first Keynote Speaker-Performer of her kind. 

If You Could Have 'Tell It Like It Is' Motivational Speaking, 'Revelatory Teaching' And 'High-Energy Entertainment' In One Person In One Session, What Benefit Would That Be To Your Organization?

An excerpt from a YouTube Mini-Seminar in Sales & Marketing -  How to Book Appointments on the Spot.